Yoshida Tedorigawa Yamahai ‘Silver Mountain’ Junmai Sake - Ishikawa, Japan (720ml)

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Made from Yamadanishiki and 500 Mangoku rice polished down to 60%, this is a medium-bodied, pungent sake from the now legendary Tedorigawa Brewery that was featured in the acclaimed documentary ‘The Birth of Sake.’ The funky, mildly astringent characteristics are typical of sakes made in the old Yamahai method in which no lactic acid is added, slowing down the fermentation process and allowing natural, ambient yeasts to enter the sake. Like most high end sakes, it can certainly be enjoyed cold with sushi or other delicate seafood dishes but given the complexity of flavors, body and pungency, this can be also served warm and enjoyed with savory Middle-Eastern cuisine.

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