Yola Mezcal - Oaxaca, Mexico (750ml)

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Yola is the eponymous project of restauranter and Mexico City native Yola Jimenez that began when she inherited her grandfather’s Palenque in Oaxaca. Yola mezcales are farmed, distilled, and bottled entirely by women. Their mezcal is made from 90% Espadin and 10% Madrecuixe Agaves that are roasted in earthen ovens, ground with manual stone mill and fermented in open air oak barrels with wild yeast for 8-10 days before double distillation in copper pot stills. It’s bright and refreshing, with caramelized tropical fruit aromas and flavors of smoked agave, a hint of red pepper spice, and a clean finish. Perfect for sipping or try it in a Pineapple Gimlet with a dash of salt, served with sunshine.

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