Tabernero Pisco Acholado - Valle de Chincha, Ica, Peru (750ml)

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Acholado comes from the word Cholo which is how mixed race Peruvians affectionately refer to each other. So while many Piscos are made from a single varietal, Acholado, is a beautiful blend, just like it’s namesakes. This pisco is the perfect blend of tradition and Tabernero’s innovations. It combines Quebranta and Italia grapes to create a perfect mix that highlights the qualities of the both. It has a welcoming floral aroma with a hint of Muscat. It delivers a taste that reflects to blended grapes with hints of plum, sea salt, and raw honey with a nice peppery finish. This wil take your pisco sour to the next level or sip chilled and neat alongside ceviche with your favorite Cholos!

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