Letherbee Original Gin - Illinois (1Ltr)

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Letherbee's flagship gin is a batch-made, grain-neutral spirit distilled with a clean yet robust blend of 11 botanicals that macerate together for 3 days before distillation. Juniper berries spearhead a mélange of spices, including coriander, cardamom, and cinnamon, while cubeb berries evoke a touch of pepper and a hit of ginger in the finish. Dried lemon peel and orange pith lend the dry, balanced concoction a bit of room for keen drinkers to pick up subtle notes of licorice and almond. At 96 proof, Letherbee Gin shines in all contexts, whether sipped straight, louched with a few drops of water until slightly cloudy, or mixed in a refined cocktail.
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