2022 Fabien Jouves Tu Vin Plus Aux Soirees - Southwest France, France (750ml)

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Renegade 5th generation winemaker Fabien Jouves’ inclusion of Cabernet Franc in this wine got it kicked out of the Cahors appellation - Sacre Bleu! Hence the name, which translates roughly to “You’re not coming to any more parties!” It’s a biodynamic blend of Côt (aka Malbec) and the forbidden Cab Franc, that’s medium-bodied with crisp acidity and low tannins, fresh, brambly raspberry flavors and a gentle sour note on the finish. It’s fermented naturally and aged briefly in concrete tanks to keep the fruit light and fresh. Pairs well with flavorful dishes like grilled octopus with charred eggplant or a double bacon Gruyère cheeseburger!

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