2021 Fuso Cala Dario Serrentino Terre Siciliane Rosso - Sicily, Italy (750ml)

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Fuso is a wine project from the Italian importer PortoVino that seeks to bottle wines with locally-sourced, organically-farmed, small vineyard-grown grapes. It is a project driven by farmers, that is as much a learning endeavor for those involved as it is a means to create delicious wines. This bottling is from vintner Dario Serrentino, who bottles his own line of wines out of his vineyard in the corner of Sicily. It is a juicy and funky co-ferment of 90% Nero d’Avola and 10% Grillo, a local white grape. The grapes are macerated on the skins for 6 days, then fermented on the lees for 6 months before undergoing malolactic fermentation. The result is a wine with a wild tinge that maintains a medium-light body. Notes of red berries, dried flowers, and a hint of muskiness. Pair with sunshine and antipasto.

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