2021 Azienda Agricola Pianogrillo Terre Siciliane Grecanico - Sicily, Italy (750ml)

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The Pianogrillo Manor has loomed amidst olive groves, cypress, and vineyards since the 1700’s, and today is run by the last descendent in a long line of Sicilian Barons, Lorenzo Piccione di Pianogrillo. The farm is certified Organic, and they ferment their wines in stainless steel or neutral Slavonian oak. This white is made from Grecanico, (aka Garganega used in Soave in northern Italy) and is bright and crisp with high acidity. Expect a floral nose followed by notes of fresh melon, pineapple, and lime pith. Pair with Vongole alla Catanese (spaghetti with sardines and wild fennel) or Sicilian Arancini.

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