2004 Glenrothes 13yr Single Malt Scotch - Speyside, Scotland (750ml)

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‘Glen’ is Scottish for a river valley or stream, which is why it’s so essential to Scotch and the beginning of the name of so many distilleries. Glenrothes is among the highest quality yet the least-well known. Distilled slowly in tall copper pot stills, then matured in American Oak, ex-sherry casks adding a slightly sweet, nutty, dried fruit character with a hint of vanilla on the finish. It’s rich and flavorful on the palate yet moderately light in body. The 2004 Vintage release, bottled in 2017 at 13 years, is the product of a strict selection of less than 4% of the distillery’s production to ensure the highest quality. Only 3150 bottles made it to the US. Sip slowly, either neat or with a rock.

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