2021 Ross and Bee Maloof Where ya PJs at? - Willamette Valley, Oregon (750ml)

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A former Aerospace materials engineer and a former pro restaurateur, Bee and Ross left their east coast careers for the Willamette Valley in 2017. Working with Brianne Day of Vin de Days, the couple make experimental and fun wines out of locally sourced organic or better grapes. The “Where Ya PJ’s at?”is made from 80% Pinot Gris that sees skin contact for 21 days, and 20% direct pressed Riesling. This wine is a genre defier– dark pink in color with the freshness you’d expect from a rosé, but made from skin contact white wine grapes. However you’d like to think of it, be it white, rosé, or orange, this wine has juicy high acid with bold flavors of watermelon, candied cherry, and a hint of oregano. Drink with a thin crust pizza bianco.

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