Marolo Grappa and Camomile Liqueur - Alba, Piedmont, Italy (50ml)

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Based on an old family recipe passed down from his grandmother, the legendary Master Grappaioli, Paolo Marolo infuses aromatic Chamomile flowers into the distillate from the pomace of the noble Nebbiolo grape where they rest for 11 months. The result is one of the most unique and prettiest after-dinner drinks we’ve enjoyed. Warm and inviting, with intensely floral aromatics, the honeyed and slightly minty flavors of chamomile are evident in both flavor and texture but balanced by the intensity of the spirit. Made in discontinuous Bain Marie copper stills to exert the precision and control required to achieve the delicate balance that this liqueur requires.Clocking in at 35% abv, pretty strong for a liqueur but just shy of an official spirit, enjoy at room temp by the fire after dinner when your mood requires something more flavorful than a whiskey or brandy with less of a punch.
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