Kiku-Masamune Koujo Junmai Sake - Hyogo, Japan (1.8Ltr Magnum)

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Founded in 1659, during the Edo period, Kiku-Masamune has been making sake using the ancient Kimoto Zukuri method ever since. This painstaking technique is used to create the moto (yeast started mash) by slowly kneading the Koji (malted rice) with steamed rice and well water at a low temperature. It takes four weeks as opposed to two weeks for more commercial methods and a lot more labor, but the result is an amazing quality, pure, dry, crisp sake. The Koujo expression is a medium-bodied Junmai with a 70% rice polish ratio. It’s smooth and elegant with gorgeous, subtle tropical flavors followed by a little bite that evokes a hint of bitter radish. Best served chilled with traditional sushi, especially ikura and Uni!
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