Gran Centenario Tequila Reposado - Mexico (750ml)

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Gran Cenenario Reposado tequila is a smooth, hand crafted Tequila that’s been family owned and operated in Camichines, Jalisco since 1985. It owes this smoothness to the 100% blue agave that is hand-picked at 10-years-old. It is then placed in French Limousin oak casks for ten months. The result is a perfect balance between hints of citrus and tropical fruit with sweet notes of vanilla and cinnamon. This is great when sipped neat or on the rocks. You can also step up the margarita game with 3 parts Cenanario, 2 parts fresh lime juice and 1 part Cointreau or try Creole Shrubb for a rum-based orange liqueur upgrade!
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