Gnarly Vines June 2022 Wine of the Month Club Four Pack

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Gnarly Vines June 2022 Wine of the Month Four Pack

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2020 Joao Pato (aka Duckman) Vinho Branco - Bairrada, Protugal (750ml) - $21
The Duckman wines express the true character of the indigenous varieties from the Barrida region in Portugal, all under natural and sustainable practices. This is a blend of 85% Bical, a grape known for its high acid, stone fruit notes, and 15% Fernão Pires, a rich and aromatic varietal. Medium-bodied with notes of tropical fruit, orange blossom, and white flowers all wrapped up in an uplifting acidity. It begs for fresh foods, such as crunchy celery salad or California rolls.

2021 Where's Linus? Rosé- California, CA (750ml) - $19
Where’s Linus is a collaborative project between winemaker Chris Christensen and the Jenny and Francois importers. One of the most respected and influential black winemakers right now, Christensen sources organically grown grapes from vineyards across California. This rosé is 100% Petite Sirah from the L. Venturi Vineyard in Mendocino County. Driven acidity, with blood orange and raspberry on the palate, this wine is bone-dry and easy to love but definitely darker and juicier than a typical rosé which makes it the perfect accompaniment for an array of grilled sausages.

2020 Sfera Macerato - Puglia, Italy (1L) - $26
Sfera is a wine project that collaborates with small organically certified vineyards throughout Italy– from the Alps to the Mediterranean– to bottle wines in small batches. (Each vineyard is represented in the always changing back label). Macerato is a clean and structured, textbook display of orange wine, with a moderate acidity and a medium body. Verdeca grapes are harvested in mid-September, and then see 14 days of skin contact in stainless steel vats. Notes of sandalwood and spice dance with saline minerality. Enjoy this wine with fried calamari dipped in creamy chili aioli.

2020 Fabien Jouves You F&@k My Wine?! - Southwest France, France (750ml) - $24
From an old farming family, Fabien Jouves biodynamically farms 21 hectares of vines on the slopes of Cahors, right outside of Bordeaux. A blend of Merlot, Malbec, Jurancon Noir, and Valdiguié, the grapes have a 7 day maceration before spontaneous fermentation with indeigenous yeasts in neutral oak and concrete for 6 months. It offers notes of plum, raspberries, and a touch of green herbs, with a medium-to-light body and mild tannins. Enjoy with Ellis’s spiced ground beef and pork kebabs or grilled peaches drizzled with lemon.

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