Forthave Spirits Mithradates VI Amaro - Brooklyn, NY (750ml)

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Mithradates VI is a vino amaro, inspired by a Pontic king who regularly ingested a poisonous botanical concoction in sub-lethal doses to cultivate an immunity to poisons. It’s made with red wine from New York’s Finger Lakes region and aromatized with 34 unique botanicals. The grapes (Frontenac), harvested in 2021, were vinified and then fortified with various herbal extractions before resting in used bourbon casks and steel tanks. Vinous, with notes of fig, cardamom, cedar, and mace, this vino amaro can be enjoyed many ways: poured over ice with an orange twist; with a splash of club soda or tonic as refreshing spritz; or in place of red vermouth in many cocktails.

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