Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin - Ireland (750ml)

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Drumshanbo is a subtle, beguiling and exotic Irish Gin in a stunningly beautiful blue bottle with an American Jackelope as its mascot. It contains a veritable United Nations of botanicals, including its namesake, Gunpowder Tea, plus Star Anise and Lemon from China, as well as Macedonian Juniper, Indian Caraway and Cardamom, Irish Meadowstreet, German Angelica Root, Moroccan Orris Root, Indoesian Grapefruit, Romanian Coriander and Cambodian Kaffir Lime. Slow distilled by hand in medieval copper pot stills, the result is a clean, dry and delicate citrus-forward gin that is perfectly balanced with the savory herbal notes of the tea and other botanicals. Rather than hit you over the head with intensity, it seductively draws you into the glass. Perfect for traditional Gimlets, Martinis or Tom Collins.

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