Damoiseau XO Rhum Vieux Agricole - Guadaloupe

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Damoiseau is one of the most well known distilleries in Guadeloupe, producing Rhum Agricole for more than 70 years in the picturesque town of La Moule. Made from a direct pressing of fresh cane juice, instead of the intermediate step of using molasses, this style of rum is pure, relatively light, almost-Cognac-like, and complex. This XO is aged for a minimum of 6 years in ex-bourbon barrels. The combination of the sugar cane and oak aging results in a fresh, grassy Rhum with notes of mint, burnt orange peel, cinnamon, Creme Brulee and tobacco. Powerful yet delicate, the finish has an enticingly subtle sweetness. This premium Rhum is definitely meant to be sipped neat or with a single rock.
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