2019 Fabien Jouves 'Soif d'Ailleurs' - South West France, France (750ml)

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In a region dominated by full-bodied, dark, tannic Malbec, Soif D’Ailleurs, literally ‘thirst from elsewhere’ but figuratively ‘wanderlust’ is a treacherous wine that’s light, fresh and funky. Made from a field blend of biodynamically farmed and manually harvested of all three Grenaches (red, white and gris), Clairette, Counoise, Cinsault, Muscat de Hambourg and Malbec, Jouves ferments whole clusters in huge concrete vats over 7-days with only indigenous yeast and without any oenological inputs - no fining, no filtration and very minimal SO2 at bottling. This is a delicious example of a low tannin, high personality red that goes great with grilled sausages, a bloomy Chevre or a moderately firm Brebis. 

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