2019 Gaztañaga Sagardoa Sidra Cider - Basque Country, Spain (750ml)

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Gaztañaga is produced in the traditional Basque method without additions or alterations and was awarded Best Cider in it’s home province, Gipuzkoa. The Basque Country is historically known as “the land of the apple” wherein Basque whalers and fisherman would drink cider as opposed to water on their long-distance nautical trips to Greenland and Newfoundland. Produced from local Basque varieties including Errezil, Moko, Txakala, Urtebi Handi & Urtebi txiki this is an excellent example of an old school, classic, yet accessible natural cider. This cider has aromas of green apples, olives, and hints of sweet fruit with a distinct funkiness that doesn’t overpower its well balanced and round finish. Pair with Basque-inspired cuisine such as a charcoal grilled sea bream with pepper romesco sauce and herby pistou or incorporate into your cooking with cider braised sausage.

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