2018 Cantina Terlano Südtirol Alto Adige Lagrein Rosé - Alto Adige, Italy (750ml)

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Cantina Terlano is a cooperative that has a unique focus on the influence of the red porphyritic rock, mineral dense gravel soil and south facing exposure of their microclimatic on their wines. A deep, dark rose that drinks like a light, fresh red, it’s made from Lagrein, a revered varietal native to the Alto-Adige. Fermented in stainless steel and bottled in early spring, it is a unique deep salmon in color with wild berry and pomegranate aromas and flavors. Light and fresh with well-balanced acidity, it would make a lovely pairing with a spread of Speck and Robiola or a cheesy polenta with roasted mushrooms.

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