2019 Antica Hirpinia Fiano di Avellino - Campania, Italy (750ml)

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This wine is intense and elegant. The twinkling of aromatic herbs is followed by notes of pink grapefruit. After the first impact to the nose, the scent of sage starts an amazing duet with the passionfruit just appeared on the scene. The finish is long and intriguing.

Antica Hirpinia’s Fiano is planted on a 9 hectare vineyard of volcanic soil at an elevation of 1600 feet in the steep, rugged terrain of the Apennine mountains. The entire vineyard is descended from a single 200+ year old mother vine still bears fruit and stands in the center of the vineyard, towering over its offspring. Fermented and aged for 6 months in cement tanks, including 4 are on fine lees, this is a complex, enticing wine with Intense notes of aromatic herbs like sage followed by pink grapefruit and passion fruit flavors. Malolactic fermentation is suppressed to enhance the crisp acidity and flinty minerality. Pairs wonderfully with an arry of seafood dishes from shrimp scampi to sauteed sole to salmon sashimi.,,The symbol drawn on the label is the Sacred Center, that can be found on carved stones left by the Knights Templar at Abbazia del Goleto. It symbolizes the Origin from which everything finds its beginning and its end: the rays, starting from the center, move toward the infinite.
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