2019 Herdade do Rocim Alentejo Fresh From Amphora Nat'Cool - Alentejano, Portugal (1Ltr)

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All the viticulture operations at Herdade do Rocim, from the winter pruning through the harvest, are carried out manually and sustainably with a deep respect for their terroir. Nat’Cool is sort of a renegade club in Portugal making lighter, fresher, irreverent wines in one liter bottles. Rocim’s entry in the club showcases the light, easy drinking side of the indigenous varietals Moreto, Tinta Grossa and Trincadeira.  It’s vinified in an ancestral style in clay amphora for two months on the skins without temperature control. The wine is a very light ruby color, with fresh berries alongside earthy and vegetal notes. Serve slightly chilled with a nice Banh Mi or Barbacoa goat tacos!

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