2000 Domaine Vincent Fleith Riesling Steinweg - Alsace, France (750ml)

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At 21 years young, this is an amazing example of how gracefully high quality, single vineyard Riesling can age. It’s freshness and vibrancy is a testament to the age-ability of Riesling as well as the benefits of respecting the land and natural winemaking with indigenous yeast and minimal intervention. Vincent’s holistic approach to farming includes many biodynamic practices such as the use of cover crops and introduction of bees and flowers. This single vineyard gem is golden straw colored, medium-bodied with crisp acidity, tart apple and citrus peel flavors, white floral aromas and that telltale whiff of road tar that defines a well-aged Riesling. Bottled with minimal sulfur, this world class white pairs wonderfully with Sashimi and Ceviche but can also stand up to pork chops or Choucroute.

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