2006 Dow's Quinta do Bomfim Vintage Port - Douro, Portugal (750ml)

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One of the Douro Valley’s finest vineyards, Bomfim is the heart of some of the company’s greatest Ports, having provided wines for Dow’s Vintage Ports ever since it was acquired in 1896. The estate is situated in the centre of the best wine-producing area known as the ‘Cima Corgo’, which offers an ideal balance between the relatively wet ‘Baixo Corgo’ to the west and the intense heat of the ‘Douro Superior’ to the east.

In the good year’s when Dow’s does not ‘declare’ a Vintage, the best Ports of Quinta do Bomfim are carefully selected and bottled as Dow’s Quinta do Bomfim Vintage Port. These wines are exceptionally good. They will tend to mature a little earlier than the very rare ‘Declared’ years, but can be every bit as good as some other Vintage Ports.

The Symingtons traditionally wait to release Bomfim (and Malvedos, below) until it's about ten years old. Their newer quinta bottlings, such as Vesuvio and Senhora da Ribeira, come to market with other declared vintage releases, two years after harvest. Bomfim in '06 will be well worth the wait, a graceful Porto with exuberant spice and a schisty undertow. Its bluesy fruit has the supple richness of the Cima Corgo, and though it doesn't have the overwhelming youthful power of a great vintage, it has certainty to its balance and the energy to last.

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