Compass Box Experimental Grain Blended Scotch Whisky - Scotland (750ml)

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Smoky & Sweet but is it a malt or a grain? Compass Box used a special parcel of whisky made at the Loch Lomond Distillery from peated malted barley, distilled in their copper Coffey still (coincidentally the same still that Nikka uses in Japan for their whiskies). Despite this being 100% malted barley, the use of a column rather than a pot still during distillation means this cannot be classified as a single malt so it’s used to build this unique blended grain Scotch whisky. Smokey and herbal notes mingle with toffee, banana, hints of rum and raspberry.
36.7% Grain Whisky from The North British Distillery (Re-charred American Oak barrel)
31% Grain Whisky from Loch Lomond Distillery (Second Fill Bourbon Barrel)
17.8% Compass Box Blended Grain "Hedonism" (Second Fill Bourbon barrel)
14.5% Grain Whisky from Cameronbridge (Recharred American oak Hogshead)

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