Boukman Botanical Rhum - Haiti (750ml)

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Boukman is a “rhum,” rather than a “rum” - short for rhum agricole, which means the spirit is distilled from fresh cane juice, in a style mostly associated with Martinique, but common in many former French Colonies. It is a truly special, compelling botanical spirit, flavored with barks and other botanicals largely indigenous to Haiti. The cane is sourced from two of the best terroirs on the island - the rich fields of Croix des Bouquets in the south and the northern fields around Cap Haïtien, where Dutty Boukman, the rhum’s namesake, led a successful rebellion. It’s dry, complex and deep, with strong notes of warm spice and woody herbs, and a grassy funk. Try it on the rocks, as a substitute for whiskey in your next Old Fashioned, or for a superlative daiquiri.

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