2021 Skegro Krš Orange Zilavka - Herzegovina, Bosnia-Herzegovina (750ml)

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This unique orange wine from West Herzegovina is made up of 100% Žilavka – an indigenous grape variety historically used in the production of brandies. Grown by the Skegro family in Radišići, the winemakers– who also grow figs, olives, and pomegranates in their vineyard as cover crops– take a minimal intervention approach to winemaking. Hand-picked before fermenting with native yeasts, the grapes see 15-20 days of skin contact before aging in neutral oak barrels for 6-8 months. This allows the bright acidity and tropical fruit aromas from the Žilavka grape to shine through in this fresh orange wine, which finishes with rustic tannins. This bold wine begs for bold flavors to match, such as cumin & fennel seed roasted root vegetables or blackened catfish. 

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