2021 Bojo Do Luar LUAR Rosa - Minho, Vinho Verde, Portugal (750ml)

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This unique, orange-like Rosé comes from Bojo do Luar, a biodynamic winery that focuses on the cultivation of Indigenous Varietals run by Fernando Paiva in Vinho Verde, Portugal. More than a decade ago Paiva began experimenting with the addition of crushed chestnut flowers during the fermentation process as a natural stabilizing agent in the place of Sulfur. He makes this rose from 90% Vinhao, a dark skinned grape often used in the production of Port, and 10% from the white grape Loureiro. The wine has bright floral notes and pronounced zestiness that accompanies notes of tangerine, bitter cherry, and strawberry. Pair with grilled salty fish or cobb salad.

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