2020 No. 3 Uby Colombard/Ugni Blanc - Cotes de Gascogne, France (750ml)

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Descended from a generation of Swiss wine growers who arrived in France in 1920 and from a line of wine makers from the Armagnac region, François Morel has ensured the expansion of the family estate for 10 years with his straightforward approach and his dynamism.
He expresses his passion through his wines: pleasing wines of quality, convivial wines for sharing, which perfectly match the image of the wines and the region of Gascony.

A new winery was constructed in 2012 to assure the security and the development of the Estate. It was designed to ally expertise with technical skill, from wine making to the maturing process and on to the storage and packaging of our wines.
By an ongoing commitment to optimize the traceability from the vineyard to the consumer, we guarantee the continuity of the UBY quality.

The grapes are harvested at night when fully mature with harvesting protection. Skin maceration, inert pneumatic pressing (protected from oxygen), fermentation at low temperature, maturing on fine lees, blending and storing in thermo-regulated tanks.

The wine making process for this range is identical to that of the UBY range, with an additional maturing in oak casks for 3 months. The Petit Manseng is late harvested.

Plots in vineyards of Ugni Blanc and, more recently Folle Blanche, have been selected grown on tawny silica soils to give the Estate’s Armagnac its elegance, its softness and its fruitiness.

The wine is distilled on the Estate in a traditional still. It is during the ageing in barrels made of local oak that the miraculous alchemy between alcohol and wood takes place. The ‘eau de vie’ is thus transformed into this noble amber-coloured liquid whose fineness and richness are the promises fulfilled at the end of a slow development under the watchful eye of the wine maker.


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