2020 Txampian Txakoli Rosé - Basque Country, Spain (750ml)

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Made from 50% Hondarrabi Zuri and 50% Hondarrabi Beltza– the prominent white and red grape varietals respectively, that are native to the Basque Country. The vines grow on high hillsides and are maintained by nearby grazing sheep. Once harvested, the grapes are fermented in stainless steel with wild, indigenous yeasts, and just 3-5 hours of skin contact for the Hondarrabi Beltza. The result is a soft-hued rose with bright acidity, saline minerality, and a slight effervescence. Notes of grapefruit, nectarine, raspberry, and dried herbs dance on the palate. This is a lively rosé that can stand up to spicy cuisine such as Sichuan Dan Dan noodles or a traditional Basque dish like marinated anchovies.

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