2020 Swick Syrah - Columbia Valley, Washington (750ml)

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Oregon based natural winemaker Joseph Swick sources his grapes from organic and biodynamic vineyards around the colder parts of Oregon and Washington. The result is an array of vividly colored, interesting wines, often made from one grape varietal to showcase the variety in terroir around the Pacific Northwest. Swick’s Syrah is light-to-medium-bodied, full of crunchy forest berries teeming with crisp acidity and crushed violets. It’s rich with earthy undertones and a hint of gaminess. Finishing with moderate tannins and a touch of barnyard funk to keep things interesting, this wine makes a great partner for anything off the grill – say, Carolina-style ribs with spicy mop sauce or grilled eggplant & broccoli rabe on ciabatta. 

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