2017 Movia Cabernet Sauvignon - Brda, Primorska, Slovenia (750ml)

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Straddling the border of Italy and Slovenia, Movia, dating back to the 17th century, is in the heart of Collio but the winery is actually located on the Slovenian side. This historical estate currently employs a combination of biodynamic practices along with more traditional techniques. The wines mature in peace with no racking, fining or filtration as they rely on the atmospheric pressure changes of the lunar cycle to clarify and develop the wine. As if we (or the world) needed another Cabernet, we were reluctant to even taste this wine but when we did, we were blown away by the ripe cassis flavors, hint of violet and tobacco, granitic minerality, and strong, leathery tannins. In short, this is one of the best Cabernets we’ve ever tasted and a reminder of why this grape became so dominant in the first place. Pairs perfectly with the best cut of beef you can find – porterhouse, rib eye or NY Strip.
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