2016 Bernardo Estévez Chánselus Castes Brancas - Ribeiro, Galicia, Spain (750ml)

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The prestigious Ribeiro D.O. consists of historic vineyards that were first planted by Cistercian Monks in the Middle Ages. Nestled amongst limestone caves that are the result of four ancient rivers, the wines out of this region are marked with pronounced minerality. Winemaker Bernardo Estéves biodynamically farms vineyards here himself, producing unique and miniscule production cuvees. This is a field blend, mainly of Lado and Treixadura along with other native varieties, that has an almost Burgundian character to it. With a medium-body and a well-developed yet vibrant palate that is saline driven and accented by notes of almond and peach. Enjoy with marinated anchovies and green olives, or a cheesy mushroom galette.

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