2012 La Formica Amarone della Valpolicella - Veneto, Italy

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La Formica is a slightly atypical blend of the classic Amarone varietals - Corvina and Rondinella with lesser-known Corvinone and Oselata - from vineyards that have been tended by the Bonuzzi family since 1893. After harvest, the grapes are laid out to dry on straw mats for three months, then fermented on the skins in stainless steel. The finished wine is aged for three years (1 year in a mix of large and small barrels, 1 year in stainless and another in bottle) to give it time to mature. Ruby colored with dried cherry and blackcurrant flavors, notes of leather, anise and tobacco, it’s solidly medium-bodied, which is on the lighter side for this type of wine. Bright acidity balances the dried fruit, slightly musty elements of a typical Amarone. Pairs perfectly with elk medallions in a red wine cherry reduction, spicy chili, or gamey charcuterie.

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