Gnarly Vines Tops for Take-Out Six-Pack

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Six wines to pair with some of our favorite takeout: Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Indian, Italian (pasta, pizza & burgers!) and Senegalese.

Sushi – Dewazakura, Oka Ginjo Sake, Cherry Bouquet (300ml) - $14
Floral rather than fruity and very dry, this is a killer sushi sake - but it also pairs well with seaweed salad, tempura vegetables and other light dishes.

Chinese – 2010 Charles Smith Wines Kung Fu Girl Riesling - $15
Ever-so-slightly off-dry with floral and pineapple aromas backed by flavors of apricot, lime and great minerality. Sleek and racy, this girl never seems too sweet. Pair with Kung Pao chicken and an old episode of, um, Kung Fu?

Thai – 2011 Chimango Torrontes - $11
Thai cuisine’s exotic, piquant spices, fresh herbs and sweet sauces call richer, riper wine like this Torrontes, which has fragrant honeysuckle and lily aromas but finishes dry with a touch of fresh green herbs.

Indian – 2009 Teorema Garnacha Vinas Viejas - $12
Whether you like your curry spicy or mild, with veggie or meat, this Garnacha fits the bill. Its smooth, ripe flavors & warm spice complement lamb or savory sauces and its soft tannins won’t overpower vegetables or paneer.

Italian (and burgers!) – 2009 Argiolas Perdera Isola dei Nuraghi - $15
90% Monica di Sardegna, the Perdera is vibrant, rich and rustic with savory fruit, smoke and olive flavors. Fairly full-bodied with firm, well-integrated tannins, this is delicious with pizza, pasta, burgers, steak and hard cheeses.

Madiba – 2010 Indaba Shiraz - $10
Madiba is a South African restaurant just around the corner on DeKalb & Carlton. Try this juicy, spicy Shiraz with just about anything form their Backyard Braai menu.

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