Beaujolais Nouveau RIGHT NOW, Two All-French Tastings + An Italian/Austrian as well

Le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrivé!!!

Today’s the day!  Every year on the third Thursday of November, all across France and the world, wine lovers celebrate the release of the first red wine of the year from the Northern hemisphere.  This year, more than ever, let’s raise a glass to the French!

Starting right now and all Thursday afternon!



All red: Beaujolais, Chinon, Cahors

Thursday, November 19th, 5-8pm



Two French Sparklers & two Rhone Giants

Friday, November 20th, 5-8pm


Fiodaliso, Vareji, Barolo & Pinot Noir

Saturday, November 21st, 5-8pm


AnchorGallic Thursday

All red: Beaujolais, Chinon, Cahors

Thursday, November 19th, 5pm to 8pm

2014 Marcel Lapierre Raisins Gaulois – Beaujolais, France – $18

Marcel Lapierre’s everyday Gamay is lighter bodied, somewhat crisp, with a hint earthyiness, and vibrant with raspberry and apple fruit.  Lapierre was on of the first winemakers to prove that Beaujolais could be more than a simple quaffer. His Morgon helped change the reputation of an entire region. This, however, is Monsieur Lapierre’s everyday Gamay. The fruit flavors are  bright and vibrant, but grounded by well-integrated hints of earth and fresh tobacco.

2014 Marcel Lapierre Morgon – Beaujolais, France – $36

The methods at Lapierre are just as revolutionary as they are traditional; the detail and precision with which they work is striking. Decomposed granite comprises most of their eleven hectares, and the vines are an average of 45 years of age. Grapes are picked at the last possible moment to obtain the ripest fruit, which is a trademark of the estate style. The Lapierres age their wines on fine lees for at least nine months in oak foudres and fûts ranging from three to thirteen years old. These wines are the essence of Morgon: bright, fleshy fruit with a palatable joie de vivre that was undoubtedly inherited from their creator.  Try with a croque-monsieur and/or a good friend who’s just blown into town to check out autumn in New York.

2012 Charles Joguet Chinon Cuvee Terroir – Loire Valley, France – $25

Cabernet Franc is mostly used as a blending grape, but in Chinon in the Loire Valley of central France, Franc is the star of the show. The Cuvée Terroir is very approachable without being simple, with layers of savory black cherry, cassis, tobacco, violet and dusty minerals. It’s smooth and medium bodied with tangy acidity, and it finishes with fine-grain tannins. Try it with a roasted pork tenderloin.

2012 Clos la Coutale Cahors – Southwest, France – $17.50

The Cahors grape from South-western France is where Argentina got it’s Malbec.  80% Malbec and 20% Merlot, this hearty, rustic red has everything a savvy wine drinker wants: it is ready for immediate consumption, has excellent structure to age, and comes in at a value price.  La Coutale is an intense wine that juggles elegant rusticity with everyday drinkability.  Best with cassoulet, but this wine would also pair just as well with a simple steak and potatoes.


– Ritaheli


Two French Sparklers & Two Rhone Giants

Friday, November 20th, 5pm to 8pm

NV Regnier David Vignerons Cremant de Loire Extra Brut Rose – Loire Valley, France – $24

Like a Pet Nat but better because it’s Methode Champenoise – drier and more bubbly!  Hints of unripe cherry mingle with pink grapefruit zest and a little cooked honey on the finish.  This is the pink sparkler I want when I’ve forgotten what I want.

NV Reserve de Lavernette Granit Brut Nature Sparkling Gamay – Beaujolais, France – $32

Essentially a Gamay Blanc de Noirs – lean, minerally, crisp and dry with subtle toasty notes.  Exquisite! The nose is refreshing and delicate. A perfume of red and white fruits combine into a freshly picked fruit salad topped with creme chantilly. The bubbles are feathery and smooth with a velvet texture on the palate.

2012 Domaine de Montvac Arabesque – Vacqueyras, Rhone Valley, France – $27.50

Intense yet delicate, this Grenache-led blend shows notes of red currant and liquorice. This cuvee sees no oak, making this an excellent match for lighter meat dishes, such as pork or veal.  Also a good companion for spiced white meats, roasted red meats, and a wide variety of sauced meats such as Daube Provençale and Blanquette de Veau.

2011 Domaine de Montvac Adage – Gigondas, Rhone Valley, France (1.5Ltr Magnum – $72

From 60 year old vines comes this concentrated blend of 70% Grenache, 25% Syrah, and 5% Mourvedre. Black currant, fig, earth and spicy notes make this an excellent partner to game dishes or strong cheeses.  A gentle giant, like a Gigondas should be.



Italy & Austria

Saturday, November 22nd, 5pm to 8pm

2014 Roccafiore Bianco Fiordaliso – Umbria, Italy – $17

A crisp, refreshing blend of 85% Grechetto di Todi, 15% Trebbiano Spolentino. The wines of Roccafiore posit a simple oenological proposal: show a perfect synergy between the land, microclimate and traditional wine-making practices. The wine is lovely, with honeysuckle, meyer lemon and a lively acidity.  Pair with grilled vegetables or a light shrimp etouffé.

2012 Hilberg-Pasquero Vareij – Piedmont, Italy – $24

A pale, delicate, ruby red blend of 75% Brachetto and 25% Barbera with a fresh bouquet of roses, geraniums, cloves and strawberries. Delicious and refreshing, Hilberg pairs well with fish, salumi, formaggi, riso with vegetable and indian curry.  Even better with a slight chill!

2009 Fischer Classic Pinot Noir – Sooss, Thermenregion, Austria – $25

An all-natural, mature, elegant Pinot with six years under its belt. It has an expressive bouquet of pure Pinot fruit with cinnamon spice and earthy notes.  Ideal with poultry (especially dark meat), mushrooms, blue or any soft cheese.

2007 La Querciola Donna Bianca Barolo – Piedmont, Italy – $45

La Querciola winery gets its name from a wonderful Barolo forest of varietal oak trees. Intense granite red color with aromas of violet, the palate is full and complex, with a long finish, showing the richness of the terroir and the firmness of serious Nebbiolo. Ideal food pairings include game meats, especially roasted rabbit and aged cheeses.

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The High Season for Gnarly Tastings

Three in a row, starting tonight!



Dorothy Parker, Chief Gowanus & friends

Thursday, November 12th





for Friday the 13th!!!

Friday, November 13th





Artisanal Ciders from Vermont

Saturday, November 14th






NY Distilling!!


Thursday, November 12th


5pm to 8pm

Brooklyn-distilled Gins, Whiskey and a Rock-and-Rye


NY Distilling ‘Dorothy Parker’ Gin - Brooklyn, NY (750ml)– $33

As bewitching as the prose of Ms. Parker herself, this may be one of the prettiest gins to have passed our lips in some time. Born in Brooklyn, the DP Gin (88 proof) has hisbiscus in its botanical mix, giving it a come-hither floral nose. In your mouth, it’s a little spicy, and a little soft with notes of stone fruit and elderberry, with a sly sub-text of juniper in the mid-palate that makes this the ultimate pour for a fab martini.



NY Distilling ‘Chief Gowanus’ New Netherland Traditional Gin - Brooklyn, NY (750ml) – $44

Distilled in Brooklyn from grains grown in New York State, Chief Gowanus is based on an early American recipe for making a version of “Holland gin” out of American rye whiskey.  Double-distilled rye whiskey, goes back into a traditional pot still with juniper and hops likely to have been in use in 1809 for a final distillation followed by three months in an oak barrel and the result is gin that would have brought a smile to the legendary Gowanus, great chief of the Canarsees back in the days when Brooklyn was still Dutch. A poweful, yet balanced gin, pefect for a Martinez or an autumnal Ramos Fizz.


NY Distilling ‘Perry’s Tot’ Navy Strength Gin - Brooklyn, NY (750ml) – $18

Named for the mid-century commandant from the Brooklyn Navy Yard who valued brain as much as brawn, NY Distilling found the happy balance between both. So the story goes, navy strength means all you need is a little gunpowder to get the canons firing, but here that 104 proof means a gin that’s both a pistol (and perfect with tonic) and a poem. There’s 5 lbs of New York State wildflower honey distilled into the mix, adding a soft, sweet edge to the bright orange aromas and flavors of white pepper and grapefruit zest, and a slightly unctuous, oily, silky texture. Fire when ready.


NY Distilling Ragtime Rye – Brooklyn, NY (750ml) – $52

The mash bill of 72% rye, 16% corn, 12% malted barley and the bottle proof of 90.4 are designed to allow this whiskey to be delicious on the rocks or in a cocktail. A honeyed nose with notes of gentle caramel, peach, dark cherry and bold rye come only with time in full sized, charred American oak barrels.


NY Distilling ‘Mr Katz’s Rock & Rye’ - Brooklyn, NY (750ml) – $34

In this modern take on an old-timey American classic, young rye whiskey is mixed with rock candy sugar, sour cherries, cinnamon and touch of citrus to create a spirit that’s both a cocktail in a bottle and also an amazing ingredient for mixology. Mr. Katz refers not only to New York Distilling founder Allen Katz, but also to his grandfather who was a big rock & rye fan, and the young Mr. Katz’s inspiration for trying his hand at this modern re-invention.









THE PRISONER, BLINDFOLD, THORN –  and a new series from legendary scary big zin monster Orin Swift…

Gather the Faithful


Friday –– THE 13TH!!!!!

5pm to 8pm



2013 The Prisoner Blindfold White Blend – CA – $38

Created to provide the perfect white wine companion to The Prisoner, Blindfold is bold and intriguing. In establishing our own spin on a white blend, winemaker Jen Beloz and her team sought out interesting Rhône and aromatic varietals that would nicely complement a classic Chardonnay base. The result is a wine that is complex and delicious.



2012 Orin Swift Locations “I” Italian Red Blend – Italy – $20

Orin Swift’s new venture, Location Wines, charts a course directly into the prevailing winds of the wine world.  At a moment when most wineries are obsessed with place, varietal history and terroir, Smith & Co are very simply buying up their favorite grapes from different countries and making the wine they want to drink.  Come try their “I”.



2012 The Prisoner Thorn Merlot – CA- $48

The wine is a blend of Merlot, along with Syrah and Malbec. Deep purple in color, the wine releases aromas of black cherry with hints of cedar and pencil lead. Dense flavors of dark fruits and rich plum are framed by velvety tannins and an opulent, lingering finish.  Intense. 



2013 Orin-Swift ‘The Prisoner’ – Napa Valley, CA – $52

 This California red has built up its own cult following over the years for good reason. Dave Phinney’s ‘Prisoner’ is anything but chained. A powerhouse blend of 51% Zinfandel, 19% Cab, 18% Syrah, 9% Petite Sirah, 2% Charbono, and 1% Grenache, it has gorgeous notes of roses, fresh fig, and cedar, with plush tannins and a long, silky finish that fully deserves the best rib-eye you can find.




Shacksbury – Vermont’s Cider



Saturday, November 15th

5pm to 8pm


Shacksbury Collaboration Ainara Otano ‘Basque’ Extra-Dry,

Still Craft Cider – Shoreham, VT (750ml) – $14


Once you’ve tried this rustic, unfiltered, natural yeast cider, you’ll never forget it and you’ll keep coming back. With its higher acidity, this cider will brighten up even the darkest of winter days. Serve chilled and pour in small amounts for the best effect. With notes of grapefruit rind, spice, and apple cellar muskiness, ths sophisticated cider pairs nicely with all grilled foods, or is delightful on its own.



Shacksbury Classic ‘English’ Craft Cider- Shoreham, VT (500ml)- $10


This bold, earthy, lightly sparking, and dry cider is crafted solely from heirloom English cider apples – Browns, Ellis Bitter, Dabinett, Michelin, Jonagold, McIntosh, Empire, Spartan, and Somerset Redstreak – grown by Sunrise Orchards in Cornwall, Vermont and Dragon Orchards in Herefordshire, England.  These apples undergo a slow fermentation with cultured yeast in stainless steel and are aged for six months.  Shacksbury calls it “the best pizza cider, ever”.  As Brooklynites who know our way around a pizza, we can see where they’re coming from.



Shacksbury Farmhouse Craft Cider- Shoreham, VT (500ml) – $10


Inspired by saison beer and rosé wine, this sparkling, light bodied, refreshing, and dry cider is something of a signature for Shacksbury.  Slow fermented with cultured yeast and lightly barrel aged, it’s a well-let space for displaying old favorite American apples like Jonagold, Spartan, McIntosh, Empire, a bubbly fall farmer’s market in a glass.



As always, 15% off wines and 10% off spirits featured at the tasting!!

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Shinn Estate Tasting: Thursday, Oct 29, 5pm to 8pm!!!

“The wine we craft at Shinn Estate Vineyards is intended to be a living memory of the time and place it was grown. Each vintage, whether it is warm or cool, dry or wet, gives us unique and vibrant fruit that longs to speak honestly and forthrightly. The challenge is to find a voice for the fruit we grow so that the message of each vintage is artfully presented. We are entrusted with the job of being translators for nature; therefore we allow our wines to ferment with the yeast provided by our biologically diverse soils. Wine is a living and evolving time machine, built by the life force of nature and the gentle touch of human beings.”
- Barbara Shinn


2014 Shinn Estate Coalescence – North Fork Long Island, NY – $14 

This is an all stainless steel fermented winemakers blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, and Riesling, showcasing a refreshing style with a splash of fruit and a zing of acidity. Clean, vibrant citrus notes add complexity to the fresh and juicy finish. The bright, crisp flavor of this wine pairs beautifully with soft ripening cheeses, light salads, and oysters on the half shell.


NV Shinn Estate Red – North Fork of Long Island, NY – $14

A good everyday blend of 52% Merlot, 26% Cabernet Franc and 22% Syrah that’s chock full of bright North Fork fruit. Fresh red cherry flavors  are accented by hints of graphite and oak, just to keep things interesting.  This is a smooth, soft, sipping wine.


2012 Shinn Estate Merlot – North Fork of Long Island, NY – $20 

Shinn’s signature merlot shows aromas of spices, toasted herbs, and minerals, while expressing classic flavors of black cherry, chocolate, coffee, and vanilla. Pair with roast turkey or mushroom terrine.


2012 Shinn Estate Wild Boar Doe – North Fork of Long Island, NY – $27.50

We’d like to say the people at Shinn are getting a little reckless with the woldplay here, but we can’t really throw stones…  This is a Bordeaux blend of Merlot, Petit Verdot,  Malbec,  Cabernet Franc, and Cabernet Sauvignon that’s spicy and aromatic, with black pepper and blackberry flavors. Try it with stews, roasted meats, and full-flavored cheeses.




As always, 15% off wines and 10% off spirits featured at the tasting!!

Can’t make it in person?  Call or email to place your order and ask for the e-blast discount!!!